Subject Tasters give you the chance to get a taste of an academic subject equivalent to first-year undergraduate level.

In 2018, we offer the following subjects:

Natural Sciences is the framework within which most science ‘subjects’ are taught at the University of Cambridge. Our Natural Sciences subject tasters cover the themes of Evolution, Biodiversity and Genetics.

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the mind. There are two streams of psychology offered in our subject tasters:

Developmental Psychology will give you the opportunity to think about how we develop attachments to our families,  as well as the chance to plan your own psychological experiment,  which will involve considering some of the ethical dilemmas which can arise in such scientific, ‘knowledge-seeking’ activities.

Business and Consumer Psychology will introduce you to the different approaches taken in psychology and give insights into how and why we do the things we do. Your task (in pairs or small groups) will be to introduce a new product to the market, such as a new mobile phone, sports trainer, drink, food, clothing item, sports car, or any other product of your choice, and to give a final presentation to the class, using psychological methods to influence us to buy your product.

International Relations subject tasters look at the shifting fortunes of global powers and influences. You will explore questions such as: ‘Is it true that America is in decline and others, such as China, on the rise?’ ‘Are states still the main centres of power in the world today?’ ‘How about multi-national companies?’ ‘Who or what may hold the key to global power in the future?’

There will be three sessions for each subject, each session generally focusing on a different theme.

For each subject, there are limited places and these are allocated on a “first-come-first-served” basis. The student will be informed of the subject(s) allocated to him/her in the enrolment letter.