The wellbeing of our students is at the heart of our programme. Our personnel structure ensures we get to know our students very well, and there is always someone ready to listen and help in the unlikely event of any of our students experiencing any kind of discomfort or problem.

The core management team (Director, Programme Manager and Programme Coordinator) have overall responsibility for our students’ welfare. They are supported by the Communications Officer and the Programme Assistants.

Every ten to twelve students are assigned to one Group Leader who is often the Students’ Counsellor / Career Advisor of their school in their home country. The Group Leaders travel with the students from their home country, accompany the students for the duration of the programme and return to their home country with the students.



In addition to daily face-to-face communication, we use a social media app for updating events and sharing information. A “closed group” is set up before arriving in the UK so all pastoral care personnel and students can get to know each other “virtually”. Students may contact any pastoral care personnel through social media privately should they choose to do so.

Group Leaders are encouraged to communicate with parents through social media but are free to use whatever means is most convenient and appropriate for the Group Leaders and parents concerned.