“The residential accommodation is clean, safe and secure and, during term time, it is used by full-time students attending degree courses at Clare College. The premises are maintained to a high standard by the University of Cambridge.”

(Extract from British Accreditation Council Inspection Report, August 2017)

Students are accommodated at Clare College in standard en-suite twin rooms. Boys and girls are housed in different buildings with separate staircases. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at Clare College’s self-service style student cafeteria.

During the tour, students are accommodated at a 4-star hotel, usually Holiday Inn, in standard en-suite twin rooms. Breakfast and dinner are served at the hotel, with lunch being taken at a restaurant near the events/activities of the day.

During the Outdoor Adventure and Teambuilding weekend, students are accommodated in a bunk-bed dormitory with shower facilities. The residential accommodation on the 1st floor is for the exclusive use of our students and staff. Meals are served at the cafeteria with access to the kitchen on the ground floor of the building.