We offer a wide range of Academic Studies to help you become better prepared for your university studies. You can study up to three out of the following six courses: Academic Writing, Formal Communications, University Counselling, Enterprise Study, Problem Solving & Thinking Skills, & STEAM Studies @ Museums.


Academic Writing is about learning to write in a formal, planned and focused manner which answers a question, at the same time demonstrating a clear understanding of the subject. Whilst particular disciplines may have different writing conventions, overall you will learn how to write coherently in a logical order which brings together related points and material. This entails demonstrating sound knowledge of the subject area, whilst supporting opinions and arguments with evidence, and providing standard, accurate referencing.


In Formal Communication classes you will learn about British debating through playing fun games, acting, formal presentations and formal debating. You will receive individual, instant verbal feedback during the classes and personal written feedback at the end of the programme. The format of British debating requires debaters to develop the skills and techniques required for ‘thinking on your feet’, and has proven to be very successful in encouraging quick thinking skills and the communication of ideas succinctly in formal situations.


Whilst league tables of universities have their uses, with such a wide variety of degree courses available and so many universities to choose from, making these choices for yourself with respect to what and where to study can be daunting, because it is so complex. The University Counselling module is designed to help you unravel all these possibilities and to refine your choices. You are guided in researching your preferred subject to study at university, and to think more deeply about which of the available courses would really be most suitable for you, given your particular strengths and interests.

The University Counselling module is directly relevant to the University and Study Tours module which provides you with an opportunity to visit a variety of campuses, this being another important element in coming to your ultimate decision regarding which universities to apply to.

Please note that there is a difference in emphasis between the Junior and Senior classes. While the Junior class will focus more on exploring all your options in order to try to narrow down your choices, the Senior class will focus more on refining your plans and preparing you for your university application.


In Enterprise Studies you will identify traits common among entrepreneurs and learn how to think creatively to add value to products. You will also experience the significant role of teamwork in creating and promoting a product, as well as the importance of maintaining accurate financial records.


Many high performing students have strong subject knowledge. However, whilst this is a fundamental requirement when one aims to apply to one of the world’s most academically rigorous universities, many still struggle in the area of problem-solving and critical thinking. This course focuses on enhancing your skills in these areas. Please note that there is an additional entrance requirement for this course.


We are fortunate to have some fine museums in Cambridge, living testimony to the centuries of learning that have made the City the famous place it is. In Museum Studies you will visit several museums where you will learn about some of the significant objects of scientific value they contain, as well as taking part in fun activities which will enhance your scientific knowledge and understanding in a ‘hands-on’ manner.