CamIntAc Academic Roadshow Initiative (ARI)

Whilst our summer programme provides an extensive study experience in Cambridge for some students each year, we believe many more students could benefit from the excellence of the Cambridge style of education through widening participation.

The CamIntAc Academic Roadshow Initiative (ARI) was launched with this in mind in order to open up opportunities for students around the world to get a taste of a Cambridge education without leaving their own country. The CamIntAC ARI also helps to raise the profile of Cambridge amongst high performing students in the countries we visit.

CamIntAc ARI 2018

The CamIntAc ARI 2018 took place in Beijing and Shanghai, China in March 2018. Our guest lecturer, Dr Paul Elliott (Director of Studies in Biology, Homerton College) and CamIntAc staff visited four high performing schools.

Over 150 students benefitted from Dr Elliott’s interactive scientific problem-solving activity, a ‘Murder Mystery’, as well as his informative talks about studying in Cambridge. The ‘Murder Mystery’ activity challenged the students to utilise their existing knowledge of biology, chemistry, maths and physics to solve scientific problems in new and unfamiliar contexts. These students are all studying towards internationally recognised qualifications, most designed by Cambridge Assessments International Education (itself a part of the University of Cambridge) and aim to pursue their university education in the UK, US and other English-speaking countries. Some of them aspire to apply to leading universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge.

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