• “We can learn the culture of England through this programme, and it better prepares us for future admissions. While in the other programs […], I could only focus on studying academic things without anyone telling us how to better prepare for the future. Also, the course is much various than others,” said Joanna when asked “What motivated you to choose this programme rather than any other similar ones?”

Joanna, summer 2017

  • “…the first session began with some fun games…learning about emotional expressions, using body language and important public speaking skills…during the following sessions, we learned about professional debating, from format to actual debating…Our instructors applied lots of fun techniques to help us expanding our thinking and coming up with many ideas during every round of debating preparation time…”

Comments about Formal Communications Skills by Christina, summer 2017

  • “The University Admissions component helped me to widen my horizons in university applications, it helped me with decision-making based upon my interests and strengths…Our personal statement tutor gave a very detailed analysis of our writing…”

Angela, summer 2017

  • “Participants confirmed that staff were easily contactable and very supportive.”

“The residential accommodation is clean, safe and secure and, during term time, it is used by full-time students attending degree courses at Clare College. The premises are maintained to a high standard by the University of Cambridge.”

Extracts from British Accreditation Council Inspection Report, August 2017

  • “I really enjoy teaching the students on the programme. they were incredibly enthusiastic and engaging, and they excelled in the problem-solving activities.”

Dr Elliott,  Homerton College

  • “I would like to thank the management team…when an unexpected event occurred, the team responded promptly with very effective communication and coordination so the problem was solved very quickly. They also made a back-up plan although it was not necessary as the incident was resolved immediately.

Bella, Group Leader, Summer 2017

  • “There were a very polite and attentive group…”

Comment from an International Officer, LSE, summer 2017