Being able to convey your thinking to others, and understanding what others are trying to convey to you, involves mastering a wide variety of interactive communication skills. These complementary abilities of being able to persuade others and to listen to them are equally important in the world of education and work.

The Public Speaking Course is for 13 – 15 years old students who aim to develop these vital abilities and concludes with an assessment leading to the award of an internationally recognised public speaking qualification by English Speaking Board.

The course covers four elements during the 30 teaching hours: poetry, stories, talks / presentations and communication. This includes the learning of a poem, reading a book, preparing for a talk and presenting these. Students will also learn how to engage with an audience through asking and answering their peers’ questions.

One of our students, Mark, took his second IELTS test after the 17 days summer programme. His score increased from 7.0 to 7.5 and he said that he believed this was due to the public speaking module. He gained confidence in public speaking without needing to prepare in advance.