Summer Residential  Programme 

Dates: 18th July – 4th August 2018

Cambridge International Academy’s Summer Residential Programme is a truly Cambridge experience which you will never forget. This is for students under the age of 18.

When asked “What motivated you to choose this programme rather than any other similar ones?” one of our students said. “We can learn the culture of England through this programme, and it better prepares us for future admissions. While in the other programs […], I could only focus on studying academic things without anyone telling us how to better prepare for the future. Also, the course is much various than others.” Joanna, summer 2017

Our Summer Residential Programme is made up of the six components. Details are available here.

You can also find out about our Pastoral Care & Welfare, Food & Accommodation and Admissions.

Upon Completion

Upon completion of our programme you will receive a Cambridge International Academy certificate recognising your positive participation and contribution. A sample of the certificate is available upon request.

Formal Hall is a formal dinner held at some of the oldest universities. We hold a Course Completion and Farewell Dinner at one of the College Halls of the University of Cambridge. This is a social event at which participants chat, communicate and exchange ideas. At our Farewell Formal Dinner, honourable guests and students may volunteer to give a speech and or provide entertainment, such as singing and dancing.