Being able to convey your thinking to others involves mastering a wide variety of interactive communication skills. The complementary abilities to be able to persuade others and to listen to them are equally important, in social and global academic contexts, as well as in the world of work.

At Formal Communication Skills sessions, you will learn about British debating through playing fun games, acting, formal presentations and formal debating. You will receive individual, instant verbal feedback during the sessions and personal written feedback at the end of the programme.

Our instructors are Oxbridge graduates. They are experienced international debaters as well as having extensive experience in teaching debating workshops. The format of British debating requires debaters to develop the skills and techniques required for ‘thinking on their feet’, this has proven to be very successful in encouraging quick thinking skills and the communication of your ideas succinctly in formal situations.

One of our students, Mark, took his second IELTS test after the 17 days summer programme. His score increased from 7.0 to 7.5 and he said that he believed this was due to the FCS component. He gained confidence in public speaking without needing to prepare in advance.

“I was afraid of public speaking and therefore didn’t like debating, and definitely not doing so in English. However, our debating instructors were amazing at coaching us in debating, such as voice, style and delivery to multi-perspective thinking skills. I learned that debating really helps my communication skills, improves my spoken English and language organisation skills and tactics of responding.” Feedback from Kate, summer 2018