Cambridge International Academy’s eLearning brings high quality courses to you wherever you are.

Pre-University In Depth Studies

Cambridge International Academy eLearning Pre-University courses are an extension of our Pre-University Residential Programme held in Cambridge every summer.  Each course lasts for around 4-6 weeks with total study hours being 10-30 hours per course. The areas we cover currently are in the following disciplines: Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Problem Solving & Thinking Skills. Upon completion of your course you will gain a Cambridge International Academy certificate.

English Public Speaking

We teach English Speaking Board’s internationally recognised speech qualifications. Each course covers four elements: poetry, story, presentation and communication. The skills you will gain include gaining confidence in public speaking, becoming a more persuasive public speaker and better communicator. You will also develop a habit and interest in reading literature and poetry.

Upon successful assessment you will be awarded an internationally recognised English Speaking Board qualification.