Cambridge International Academy

Cambridge International Academy


Cambridge International Academy (CamIntAc) is a British Accreditation Council accredited short course provider based in Cambridge, UK.

We specialise in helping students decide about and prepare for their university applications. Our students are international students studying international curricula in their home countries who are aiming to apply to study at leading UK universities.

Our team of teaching staff are experts in their fields, including university lecturers and subject specialist Oxbridge graduates, who offer interesting and engaging sessions which enable our students to gain first-hand an insight into what it is like to study at one of the world’s leading universities.

Cambridge International Academy works closely with the departments, colleges and museums of the University of Cambridge to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. Most of our study sessions take place at Clare College, University of Cambridge. Other sessions may take place at various University venues. We are not part of the University of Cambridge but utilise its excellent resources and facilities. Some activities may take place in other universities and venues depending upon the nature of the activity.

Upon completion of our programme you will receive a Cambridge International Academy certificate recognising your positive participation and contribution. A sample of the certificate is available upon request.

Formal Hall is a formal dinner held at some of the oldest universities, such as Cambridge and Oxford. We hold a Course Completion and Farewell Dinner at one of the College Halls of the University of Cambridge. This is a social event at which diners chat, communicate and exchange ideas. At our Farewell Formal Dinner, honourable guests and students may volunteer to give a speech and or provide entertainment, such as singing and dancing.